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All set to open my Ammunition Business! But where do I get the money? I plan on using a low-rate home equity loan. My wife is not happy. My Father, who had passed away the previous fall, had a better plan. Suddenly insurance checks in funny amounts started showing up in the mail. In my dad's 94 years on this planet he had purchased seven policies which were divided between the three kids. Now the wife is happy again.

Since my Dad's and my last name is SPRY, WHY ISN'T THE BUSINESS CALLED SPRY'S Ammo? My sisters looked into our genealogical history and found we were really MURPHYS!

When my Grandfather got off the boat by himself at the age of nine, his last name was MURPHY. When he took his first steps on American soil at Ellis Island, NY in 1898, he was adopted by the O'Brien family and carried that name through World War I and college.

In the early part of the nineteenth Century, the previous group of immigrants discriminated against the newest group. In this case, the Irish was the group to catch hell!

So my Grandfather picked an English sounding name instead of an Irish sounding name. He had his name changed to Spry. In honor of the MURPHY and SPRY clans, and the help they provided, I decided to create MURPHY'SAmmo.

MURPHY'SAmmo is owned by David and Kathie Spry. We are now in our third year of operations.