3D head targets frequently asked questions


Here is a list of our Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What are the heads made out of?

A: The exterior is a vinyl shell with a styrofoam core and a plastic bottom with a 1/2" hole to allow for mounting on a post, dowel or PVC.

Q: Can they really take over 1,000 rounds?

A: Yes, depending on the caliber of the weapon you are using and bullet type. Most rifle calibers with a pointed bullet make a small pinhole, however hollow point projectiles will make a larger hole upon impact due to the physics of it. It will take over 1,200 rounds from an AK-47, but it can take anywhere from 2,000-4,000 rounds from a .22. Obviously if you use a .50 caliber on one, it will not take as many rounds. The "1,000 round guarantee" refers to the average to average high caliber weapons.

Q: Why are the holes from the bullets so small?

A: The impact holes are so small because of the vinyl exterior shell. When a projectile hits the vinyl exterior, the projectile cause the vinyl to stretch inward until the projectile pierces a small hole and continue through. The vinyl then retracts to its original position, ready for more rounds.

Q: Why are they so durable compared to other targets?

A: Most targets only take so many rounds before they are done, but because of the vinyl shell on these heads that holds the styrofoam core in place allows them to withstand more fire power.

Q: Do they work well with other weapons?

A: Arrows work well penetrating the shell, but things like throwing knives and BB guns are not recommended because they will just bounce off and could create a potential safety hazard.

Q: How do you mount them?

A: They have a hole in the plastic base on the bottom of the head that mounts well on PVC pipe or on a wooden dowel. If you take the dowel or 1/2"-3/4" PVC and stake it in the ground, the head will sit perfectly on top.

Q: What are the dimensions of the heads?

A: On average they are about 10 inches from base to top of head, about 6 inches straight across from ear to ear, 20 inches around the top of the head measured around the forehead and about 11 inches around the neck. Most of them are roughly this size, however some are slightly larger. They are roughly "lifesize."