INCOMING AMMO Sometimes our suppliers have to ship us ammo. Below are the current ammo that are incoming soon!

MURPHY'SAmmo is the new SC distributor for RUAG Ammotec-USA(as of 07/12). As a dealer we are currently handling their pistol and Rifle ammo brands. RUAG-USA is the US importer for RUAG Ammotec, Ltd which is a large Swiss- European ammo manufacturing conglomerate with plants in Europe and the US. New for 2013 will be their MFS Rifle Brand (Zinc Plated steel) and GECO brass rifle ammo (re-loadable, boxer primer)!


GECO 38 SPECIAL LRN - Currently in stock

GECO 32 ACP FMJ - Currently in stock

GECO 38 SPECIAL 158gr JHP - Currently in stock

GECO 9MM Makarov FMJ 95gr - Currently in stock

GECO 38 Super 124gr FMJ IPSC Approved 1411fps and 546 fplbs - Currently in stock

GECO 22 Long Rifle Ammo - Currently in stock