Consistent accuracy, muzzle velocity and performance.

law enforcement

RUAG Ammotec Ltd. is highly competent in the area of ammunition for police, security and special forces. Highest reliability, best precision and optimally adapted effectiveness characterise our products and emphasise the innovative strength of the company in the global market.

armed forces

Soldiers, especially infantrymen, are the focus of our product developments. RUAG Ammotec Ltd. provides the perfect equipment, mainly in the form of environmentally friendly ammunition for missions and manoeuvres using the standard NATO calibres. RUAG is the first producer worldwide to achieve NATO approval for its environmentally compatible ammunition.

hunting & sports

Our company offers a unique, wide range of ammunition for the demandful hunter. The brands RWS®, Rottweil®, GECO®, norma® and Hirtenberger® cover all areas of application of shotshell, centerfire and rimfire cartridges in more than 60 countries.


For years, RUAG Ammotec Ltd. has been successfully producing components for ammunition and pyrotechnic elements for civil and military applications. As a supplier for international industrial companies, we achieved an excellent reputation and are at the forefront in the field of primer technology.