GECO .308 Winchester Teilmantel 170 Grain SP x 100 rounds

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GECO 308 Winchester Geco Soft Point 170gr. GECO centerfire rifle cartridges - developed for successful hunting. A range of bullets for training and all types of hunting situations worldwide. All hunting cartridges are made in Germany which means outstanding accuracy and reliable bullet performance. Combine this with high quality components and innovative product solutions and you can see why GECO means quality. This round is GECO Soft Point 308 Winchester with bullet weight of 170 GR.


We had a customer using this ammo kill a 700 lb elk at 300 yd's with this ammo, so we can guarantee that you can hunt whatever animal in north america that you want with the Geco .308 Winchester Ammunition. 


Caliber: 308 Winchester/7.62 NATO
Bullet Type: Soft Point
Bullet Weight: 165 GR
Muzzle Energy: 2686 ft lbs
Muzzle Velocity: 2707 fps
Application: Target Shooting/Hunting
Casing Material: Brass

MRD (Most Recommended Distance): 179 yds